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Get Instant FREE Access To our system's Duplication Component, and begin assisting your sales team with building their businesses while you perform other important tasks such as taking care of your family and create some work/life balance within your business.


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OLT is short for One Large Team. This tool is primarily used to generate TLC, that’s Traffic, Leads, and Cash for your business by attracting your target market with tools, training, and incentives.


There are three primary components of the OLT Online System. AUTOMATION, DUPLICATION & DIFFERENTIATION.

DIFFERENTIATION, we show you how to stand out from your competitors so you may generate more leads and make more sales utilizing 21st-century marketing tools and training.

DUPLICATION, we give you the ability to build your sales team exponentially and systematically utilizing our value-added fields within our OLT back office. Simply place the username of up to three of your downline members or sales team and assist all three of them on any given day with building their businesses by simply redirecting traffic from your Ultimate Smart Landing Page. 

AUTOMATION, we are able to automatically like and reply to our leads’ comments on our social media post and advertisements, providing them with instructions as to what actions to take next utilizing our secret auto-reply tool, and we also empower our leads to generate additional leads by providing them with an incentive, 'The Freedom Package'.

ADVERTISING, we set it and forget it, to coin a phrase. You don’t need to promote OLT as other systems do to get your prospects to notice you. We do that for you utilizing our rotation style advertisements so that our leads notice you before they take any further action.

This all takes place when you purchase MENTORING and BRANDING; as we advocate you are your company and your brand, not the business opportunity or affiliate program you represent.

You may optionally purchase our Freedom Package from our shopping club SHOP FREE MART and earn a fifty-dollar ($50) commission if your new lead purchases the Freedom Package also.

You will also benefit by receiving an OLT monthly commission of ten dollars ($10) if the new lead purchases mentoring and branding.

Earn more if they upgrade to our yearly or lifetime plans; all happening automatically.

As a member of our shopping club, you will also earn a recurring commission every six months or every year, if your lead purchases your virtual business card.

This all happens automatically each time it’s your turn on our rotation advertisement.

Benefit from huge commissions as ShopFreeMart members as they offer a multi-level compensation plan.




(1) Multi-group twenty-five rotation advertisement and up to twenty-five of your opportunities and or affiliate program integrations.

$69.99 - 25 Member Group Rotation Advertisement 


(2) Multi-group five rotation advertisement and up to five of your opportunities and or affiliate program integrations.

$49.99 - 05 Member Group Rotation Advertisement


(3) Single rotation advertisement and your opportunity or affiliate program integration.

$29.99 - 01 Single Member Rotation Advertisement




Free mastermind training where you learn the secrets of the online marketing gurus 

Free access to our OLT private Facebook group where you will learn additional market tips and tricks

The capability of generating leads via your very own Freedom Package Giveaway Contest lead capture page




You are taught birthday prospecting strategies. 

You get more of your members to duplicate your efforts using our system

You get the ability to place yourself in multiple locations on your own rotation advertisement

You get to be on two rotations automatically, QGI and OLT and the ability to triple rotate, using your own rotation without this extra cost.

You are placed on our QGI rotation five times whether or not you have one or multiple business opportunities or affiliate programs.




If you are in a hurry and would like to build One Large Team sooner rather than later, we can assist you with advertising to your own rotation using our advertisement for a small fee of 10% to cover configuration, administration and processing costs.

Here’s looking forward to assisting you with building the home-based business of your dreams.


 $69.99 - 25 Member Group Rotation Advertisement 

 $49.99 - 05 Member Group Rotation Advertisement

 $29.99 - 01 Single Member Rotation Advertisement